A postcard from… Dolphin Trips Avoch, Scotland (April 2017)

Images taken at Dolphin Trips Avoch. April 2017.

It has somehow been a whole month since we returned home from our trip to Scotland, yet I still have so many more photos to share! As we were staying so close to Inverness and Moray Firth, one thing we really hoped we’d see up there were bottlenose dolphins. Hearing about the many companies running ‘wildlife spotting’ boat trips, we looked around and narrowed it down to a couple of potential ones to try.

Dolphin Trips Avoch was originally our favourite find; a small boat seating just 12 people, yet an affordable price for a family ticket. However, our 6 year old was at first a little unsure about this and said he’d prefer to go on a bigger, more enclosed boat (he’d previously been on a ferry and was quite happy inside, but not keen on being out on the deck). So we thought it might be a better idea to head for a different one in Inverness… only to be told there would no longer be a sailing that morning and the next would be around lunch time. With plans already in place for that afternoon, we only had a few hours to spare, so drove around the firth and thought we’d actually give Dolphin Trips Avoch a go after all. And we were so glad we did!

You can see the look of nervous excitement on our son’s face, and although he held on tight throughout the trip, he was smiling all the way and absolutely loved the experience. We all have to admit to being a little surprised how quickly the boat sped out of the harbour, I think we were expecting to tootle along! Once we were out near Chanonry Point (a dolphin sighting hotspot), we did slow down to look out for signs of wildlife. Sightings of course cannot be guaranteed as these are wild animals who do as they please, but as the skipper said, if the crowds at Chanonry Point are right down at the water’s edge and getting their feet wet, there’s usually something to see! And on this occasion, there certainly was. It was quite an experience to see dolphins leaping out of the water, catching salmon, and swimming underneath the boat from one side to the other. We felt very lucky to see a mother and calf swimming together and I’m so glad I managed to get some photos as I was almost too mesmerised to take any! The boat trip lasted around an hour and we circled around to Fort George before heading back to Avoch.

Despite the initial uncertainty, our son has not stopped talking about this and it was definitely one of the highlights of his week!


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17 thoughts on “A postcard from… Dolphin Trips Avoch, Scotland (April 2017)

  1. What a wonderful experience and I’m so glad you decided to risk it with your 6 year old. That’s a lovely nervous excited photo of him and wow to the dolphins. Somehow your photos make them look much bigger than I imagined and every bit as impressive. This is definitely an outing that will stay with you all for a long time and an hour well spent.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

  2. What an amazing experience! Something your son will never forget – or you for that matter! Would absolutely love to see dolphins swimming in the wild. Thank you for sharing #countrykids

  3. How amazing to see them – It’s so easy to think you have to travel for a sight of something like this and forget they can be seen in this country too. And lovely that you got to try your original idea and that it worked out too. #countrykids

  4. What a great experience, a moment you’ll never forget


  5. Ahh bless your little boy, so glad he ended up loving the trip, what a special day. Mich x #CountryKids

  6. Great photos, great memories #countrykids

  7. Wow, what truly stunning pics. Definitely a trip to remember!


  8. Dolphins are spectacular to see in the wild. #CountryKids

  9. What a brave boy, I think my son would have had a wobble too. I saw dolphins in the wild in Gambia, nothing quite like it is there, just magical #CountryKids

  10. What an amazing experience. Stunning photos.

  11. Wow what an absolutely amazing experience!! Stunning photos xx

  12. Lovely photos and what a great trip – I’d love to do something similar with my girl #CountryKids

  13. What an amazing experience! We can go whale watching from Boston harbor and it’s on our must-do list 🙂 I’m glad you had such a wonderful time, gorgeous photos x #countrykids

  14. How awesome! I love your photos, I bet your son will remember it for ever. I saw dolphins a few years ago and it was magical, Scotland is such an amazing place, this post has reminded me that I really need to take our son there to experience it. #countrykids

  15. How amazing to get to see the dolphins and glad that your son enjoyed it in spite of being nervous about the boat. Looks like a wonderful experience 🙂 #countrykids

  16. Stunning photos. and what an amazing experience #countrykids

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