A postcard from… Yorkshire Wildlife Park (February 2019)

Images taken at Yorkshire Wildlife Park. February 2019.

After a trip up north this February half term, I now have a new addition to my favourite days out list: Yorkshire Wildlife Park. The enclosures for the animals are so spacious and well thought out, both for the welfare of the animals and the experience of visitors. High walkways allow guests to look down onto many of the enclosures, with very few restrictions to the view – perfect if you enjoy photography!

It was lovely to see the polar bears playing in a heap of ice, which had been donated by a local ice cube company. The lemurs were having a great time leaping from tree to tree in their fantastic natural woodland enclosure. But the highlight of the day had to be standing face to face with the beautiful lions, watching them wander through their waterfall, seeing them lovingly greet each other with a rub of the cheek, then witnessing a bit of a ‘play fight’, just like our cats at home! You could almost imagine what was going through their minds…

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  1. Aww, gorgeous pictures! You had me cracking up with the furball pic! #MustSeePlaces

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