A year in photos: 15th January 2017


Silent Sunday with MummyConstant


17 thoughts on “A year in photos: 15th January 2017

  1. Great shot. I love ballet and always wished I had learnt it as a kid. #project365

  2. Has the princess got a ballet exam coming up? The only time I cut out the elastic and sew in the ribbons! Beautiful photo.

  3. That is a gorgeous photo….
    My girl is wanting to learn ballet just so she can have some shoes like that x

  4. I went to ballet lessons briefly when I was a toddler, however the teacher pointed me towards modern, never was sure what she was trying to say!

  5. Gorgeous! My daughter is a very good little ballet dancer, so I love anything ballet-related!

  6. Lovely capture, a budding dancer in the house? #MySundayPhoto

  7. The end of another show?

    Thank you for linking up

  8. Such an atmospheric picture – love it.

  9. I had to look for a second then to click what they were. They look like much loved shoes!

  10. i did ballet when i was a small child but never had a pair of ballet shoes like that

  11. I remember Fifi doing ballet lessons and she had the grace of a baby elephant with clogs on bless her.

  12. Beautiful – I still feel a little sad that my girl hung up her ballet shoes.

  13. it amazes me how much strength ballet dancers have in their feet inside those uncomplicated shoes . lovely shot x

  14. What a beautiful shot of those ballet shoes. 🙂

  15. Love the ballet shoes #365

  16. Ahhh we have one of these in our house too


  17. Lovely photo. I do miss my ballet, and it’s a shame I have N who is not a dancer in public. Would love to be able to experience dance as a parent with a child who dances. Must try and encourage him to do some ceroc when he’s older.

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