A postcard from… Ashford Hangers, Hampshire (February 2017)

Images taken at Ashford Hangers National Nature Reserve, Hampshire. February 2017.

Last week we explored another local place we’d never visited before – Ashford Hangers, a picturesque area of hills and woodland in Hampshire. The nature reserve is a Site of Special Scientific Interest and also lies within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It was much loved by the poet Edward Thomas and there is a plaque dedicated to him on one of the hillsides, which is a stunning viewpoint.

There was a very fine scattering of snow in places, which was the first snow we’d seen settle this winter. The kids had fun and ended up with very muddy boots – always a sign of a good day out! We’d also taken the class squirrel mascot along for an adventure… I think he enjoyed climbing trees and looking out for his friends!

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