A postcard from… Blair Castle and Gardens, Blair Atholl, Scotland (April 2017)

Images taken at Blair Castle. April 2017.

We recently visited Blair Castle and Gardens, on the edge of the Cairngorms National Park in Scotland. Arriving to the sound of bagpipes, we knew this was a day out which would give us an insight into the history of the Scottish highlands. Stretching from the medieval period, the castle has been adapted throughout the years, to suit the needs of the Atholl family.

I’m unsure whether the live bagpipe playing is a regular attraction or just for special events (we visited during Easter weekend), but the kids loved watching and listening, as bagpipes are something they were previously unfamiliar with. Also for Easter weekend was a quiz for children to complete as they looked around the castle. This really helped to engage and interest them in finding out more about each of the rooms we visited. As well as the quiz, there were also decorated eggs hidden in some of the rooms, encouraging the younger ones to have a really good look around. Colouring activities were also provided in one of the rooms, as well as a dressing up chest in the ballroom – some really nice family friendly touches.

As photography is not permitted in most parts of the castle, I took plenty of pictures in the grounds and gardens to make up for it! The Hercules Garden was very pretty, with flowers just starting to bloom and I imagine this will be absolutely stunning in the summer months. The focal point was a Chinese bridge over the large pond, home to ducks, ducklings and even a nesting swan. Chapel ruins, pretty stone bridges, woodland and a red deer meadow also lie within the castle grounds, as well as a very cool adventure playground. There was so much to explore here that we spent far longer than we had anticipated (plus an extra hour in the gift shop while the little one decided what to spend his pocket money on!) but it really was a lovely day out and certainly worth a visit if you are in the area.



We enjoyed a complimentary visit for the purpose of this post.



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15 thoughts on “A postcard from… Blair Castle and Gardens, Blair Atholl, Scotland (April 2017)

  1. From the photos of the grounds it does look absolutely enchanting. Lovely to see places having lots of school holiday activities on for the kids as well.

  2. How wonderful this looks, a shame you couldn’t show us some from inside, I bet it is stunning but I think it is normal to ban photos, especially flash. None the less the grounds look wonderful and it looks like you had a good day for your visit. I can’t believe the little ducklings in the photo, we are still watching our lake for the first ones here. Sounds like they made a great effort to bring the castle to life for children over the Easter weekend. I love Bagpipes, we had them for our Wedding as my Dad is Scottish, they remind me of this every time I hear them.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful castle on #CountryKids

  3. This looks absolutely beautiful. We’ve never been to Scotland but the more we see, the more we’d love to go. Will put this on the list! Thanks for sharing #countrykids

  4. What a gorgeous location and place to visit. I have only been to Scotland once, to Glasgow to visit my then boyfriend’s family, and I didn’t see much of the beautiful country, only the city #CountryKids

  5. It looks like an amazing place to visit, I love your photos. Bagpipes are a lovely addition and so very Scottish. #countrykids

  6. What a lovely place..shame we couldn’t have a nosey peek inside!! #countrykidsfun

  7. It looks like a lovely place to explore. I always find it a bit annoying not to get the chance to take photos inside but when there’s gardens like this it doesn’t matter. #countrykids

  8. What a beautiful place I love the Spring flowers just breaking through. This looks like a fantastic place to visit for a taste of the Scottish Highlands. #countrykids

  9. We have a thing about castles its a shame this one is so far away from us as it looks great. Disappointing re the photos inside but you have captured some gorgeous ones outside. #CountryKids

  10. What a stunning location. You’ve really captured it well. #CountryKids

  11. Looks and sounds like a great place to visit. It’s great that the children learnt lots from the experience. #CountryKids

  12. This looks a magnificent place to visit and your pictures really do it justice, you have a great eye. Mich x

  13. What gorgeous photos! It sounds like a magical experience with the bagpipes. I’ve visited that area before kids but would love to go back! #CountryKids

  14. So many beautiful photos from your visits. The castle grounds are so beautiful. Sounds like there was plenty to do and it must have been so interesting to learn more about the history of Blair Castle too. #CountryKids

  15. I really want to visit Scotland sometime soon. I have seen so many amazing places since we started this linky! Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful place with us xx #ThePlacesWeWillGoLinky

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