A postcard from… The Millpond Walk at Beaulieu (February 2015)

Images taken at Beaulieu, Hampshire. February 2015.

You wouldn’t think these were taken at a motor museum would you?!  After visiting Beaulieu last summer and realising there was so much more to see than cars, we had to head there again this year.  It was lovely to see how much the Millpond walk changes in the different seasons, with flowers beginning to spring up everywhere and the water covered with reeds.

Of course, after we’d explored the grounds there was still plenty of time to visit Mr Bean’s car (at least 3 times and had to drag our little one away from it in the end!) and have a ride on the vintage bus, followed by a quick stop at the fantastic playground complete with its own miniature vintage play bus!  Again, a lovely day out at Beaulieu.

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