A postcard from… Sunset Party in the Park at Marwell Zoo (June 2014)

Images taken at Marwell Zoo. June 2014.

The sunset party was held after the zoo had closed to day visitors, from 6:30 – 9:30pm. It was a real treat being able to see all the animals ‘after hours’ and the Snow Leopards seemed much more playful than usual, although we didn’t see the beautiful Amur Leopards at all – they must have slept right through the party. As did the otters, but they could be seen in their little house all snuggled up together! The Dwarf Crocodile and snakes were trying hard not to be seen and the gorgeous Amur Tiger was busy prowling through the grass and posing for the camera.

There was plenty of entertainment for the evening, including; a stilt-walking band, a Carribe steel band, fire performers, giant penguins and huge pigeons who were very inquisitive (as pigeons are) and strolled right up to people, ‘pecking’ and generally doing what pigeons do – we found them quite amusing! Away from the main entertainment areas, the rest of the zoo was surprisingly quiet with no big crowds around the enclosures. It was lovely being able to appreciate the animals and how lucky we are to have a place like Marwell Zoo on our doorstep.

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