Spotting the signs of spring in the garden

I love this time of year!

The daffodil bulbs we planted last year have popped up and most are now flowering, they really brighten up the garden. Daisies are springing up on the lawn and many of the plants are starting to get some colour back and some new growth.

My son had a homework project this week to record the signs of spring, so we started by heading out into the garden to see what he could find. Armed with dad’s phone and big sister’s Kurio Zoom-It attachment he was able to get some really interesting close ups of the flowers…

We’re looking forward to spending some more time in the garden this weekend, there’s lots of weeding and tidying up to be done, so fingers crossed the sunshine will make an appearance!


Here’s a spring checklist of some of the things you might spot either in your own garden or while out and about…



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10 thoughts on “Spotting the signs of spring in the garden

  1. I like,the idea of a signs of spring checklist. Almost like an I spy book. #countrykids

  2. What a lovely piece of homework. It reminds me of the things we have been doing here on the farm with the children staying. Clearly I don’t call it homework but I do like to make the most of each season and spring is so colourful. Full marks to your son on his photography. Those are some gorgeous photos, I’m intrigued by the lens.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

  3. Your flower photos are beautiful. Our garden is looking a little sad and boring at the moment although we’ve had some big bumble bees coming through so I want to plant some bee friendly flowers. I love this time of year, just wish my sinuses agreed! #CountryKids

  4. ohh loving your checklist, that would be great for spring bingo between the kids. Mich x #CountryKids

  5. I love this, especially the spotter sheet. We are still desperately waiting for spring. I thought it had arrived last week, but then we had a whole day of snow again yesterday! #countrykidsfun

  6. Look at all those wonderful colours. Spring is such a beautiful season !! The checklist is a wonderful idea -thanks for sharing

  7. Lovely way to get kids looking closely at the signs of Spring 🙂 #countrykids

  8. I love doing that too. We’ve got loads of daffodils and snowdrops in our garden. Haven’t seen birds, but I do however hear them! Spring feels like it’s been put on hold at the moment, but can’t wait for it to be felt again 🙂

  9. I love the Spring checklist – there are so many things to look out for at this time of year and it is lovely to see the daffodils everywhere. I love the close-up photos with the raindrops on the flowers 🙂

  10. lovely photos! This is our first spring living here so it’s a lovely surprise seeing what pops up in the garden – we’ll be using that checklist! #countrykids

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