A year in photos: 29th January 2017




8 thoughts on “A year in photos: 29th January 2017

  1. Beautiful lighting!

  2. What an interesting picture! I like the light effect.

  3. lovely photo of the water and light, what was the subject? bigger picture?

    1. Thank you, this was at Robin Hill’s Electric Woods event – more photos here: http://theprincessandthepickle.co.uk/postcard-electric-woods-spirit-orient-robin-hill-isle-wight/

  4. was this some sort of light display? Love the blue hint to the water.

  5. What amazing colouring, the I love effect this has

    Thank you for linking up

  6. That’s just beautiful #365

  7. striking image – I am assuming it is some kind of water feature which is lit up? x

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