A year in photos: 5th March 2017


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26 thoughts on “A year in photos: 5th March 2017

  1. What a beautiful close-up of a beautiful big cat πŸ™‚

  2. Oh my did you really take this? it is quite outstanding, the detail and everything. What a beautiful animal indeed. #MySundayPhoto

  3. Oh wow! What a beautiful creature!

  4. just how close were you and where were you?

  5. Oh my! What a lovely image Helen.It looks like the leopard has something in it’s sights!


  6. Wow! What an amazing photo. Was it taken through bars or glass? Love the whiskers. #MySundayPhoto

  7. Wow he or she is stunningly beautiful. What a fabulous shot x

  8. Wow, that’s an incredible photo! So much detail.

  9. What a stunning photo, so crystal clear

    Thank you for linking up

  10. WOW!! great expression

  11. That’s an amazing photo with him looking straight at you. I can’t figure out if he’s doing a moody pose for you or not πŸ™‚

  12. Thank you! I did crop and blur the background slightly to bring out the detail, but you can view the original unedited version here- http://theprincessandthepickle.co.uk/img_1913/

  13. Thank you. Leopards are so beautiful aren’t they?

  14. Not quite as close as it looks! The unedited version is here- http://theprincessandthepickle.co.uk/img_1913/ This was at Marwell Zoo in Hampshire.

  15. ? One of my favourite animals πŸ™‚

  16. This is just beautiful, I have read your comments that it wasn’t that close but part of the art of a perfect photo is what you do afterwards. This is perfect. #MySundayPhoto

  17. What a beauty #MySundayPhoto

  18. wow that is just beautiful xx

  19. Stunning. I love this πŸ™‚

  20. A simply amazing photo, wow!

  21. This is a beautiful photo!! I love the close up ness πŸ™‚ Its made me want to go and take photos of animals πŸ™‚

    Thank you for linking up to #SilentSunday…

  22. What a stunning creature!

  23. Wow, what a stunning photo! Beautiful creature x

  24. that is one amazing close up, you are either brave or have a great zoom.

  25. This is such an utterly beautiful photo – so much detail x #MySundayPhoto

  26. Beautiful, what an amazing photo and animal. Big cats are just my favourite to see. #project365

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